Data visualizations

I specialize in advanced, web-based data visualizations using JavaScript with such tools as D3, THREE.js (WebGL) and AFRAME (WebVR). I also thrive on fast prototyping of challenging projects. I can handle most elements of back-end development if need.

I can assist in data processing and analysis if required, using the Python data analytics ecosystem with such tools as Pandas and Scikit-learn.

Training and Workshops

I am the author of O'Reilly Press' Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript and teach and write a data-visualization module at University College London's School of Business Management.
I am available for in-house training and workshops, either on-site or remotely using Skype or equivalent tools. Depending on your needs I can focus on elements of the data-visualisation toolchain (see below):

  • data collection (e.g. scraping the web for raw data).
  • cleaning and processing (Python's data analytics ecosystem is a great advantage here)
  • delivery with Python or JavaScript data servers (e.g Django, Flask, Express).
  • visualization of the data using tools such as D3, THREE.js (WebGL), AFRAME (WebVR).

For more advanced visualizations and dashboards I can show how to leverage the power of a modern framework such as React or Vue.

The Data-visualisation Toolchain

Dataviz audits

If you want to make sure you’re using data visualisation as effectively as possible for your business needs, I can conduct a dataviz audit to help make sure you’re using the right tools for the job and that your work-flow is observing best practice.

Web dataviz is advancing at a remarkable speed and I aim to help guide you towards the dependable tools and libraries, avoiding the flashy but fashionable software, that promises much but often fails to deliver.