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Things done, things tried, things learned the hard way.

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All That Jazz, Patterns in the Keys Permalink

less than 1 minute read

This visualisation uses a force-directed layout, courtesy of D3, to view approximately 1200 classic Jazz standards by key, date and composer. Some interestin...

D3 CSS3D Chess Games Permalink

less than 1 minute read

Sometimes it’s good to imagine something a little exotic and then try and realize it using the tools to hand. So here we have a simultaneous chess tournament...

UCL Dataviz Workshops 2020

2 minute read

The course structure and some online resources for the UCL Business Management Dataviz module.

D3 Chess Board Permalink

less than 1 minute read

Packed circles are a good way to visualise certain tree structured data. Here I use a dataset of the 135 chess games played by the titans Kasparov and Karpov...

D3 Chess Parasets Permalink

less than 1 minute read

An attempt to capture the multi-dimensional complexity of chess openings, using the dataset of all games played between chess titans Kasparov and Karpov.